Things You Save In A Fire

Cassie the protagonist of Things You Save In a Fire loves her job with the Austin Fire Department. After a shocking awards banquet she finds her career threatened and decides to salvage it with a year spent in Massachusetts with the guise of taking care of her estranged mother.

I usually don’t read books set in the Public Safety community. I can’t really enjoy them as I find myself cringing at the writer’s interpretation of a community that I am a part of. I am an emergency dispatcher. I guess in my world I would be consider a triple threat; I dispatch for Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services.

Things You Save In A Fire represents one part of the public safety family. I feel that Katherine Center does a brilliant job of representing the camaraderie of the people who are united in their “calling” to help others. I especially enjoyed the pranks and teasing between the different characters. I often tell the “rookies” I work with that if I don’t pick on them then they should worry.

I also enjoyed how Katherine Center chose to connect her protagonist Cassie with her protagonist in How To Walk Away. There were moments where I cringed at Cassie’s actions, moments of laughter, and moments of happiness. There was even a moment where my heart was in my throat.

When We Left Cuba

“Fortunately, I’ve never been much for listening to what other people say.” ~ When We Left Cuba, Chanel Cleeton ~

Beatriz Perez finds herself exiled in Florida after the Cuban Revolution. Her twin brother killed during the Revolution, her families fortune are social standing loss. While her father works to rebuild his business and her mother works to rebuild their social standing through her daughters marriages, Beatriz is determined to find her own path.

Beatriz is tired of life in exile, she wants to return to her life in Cuba; she wants to avenge her brother’s death. Recruited by the CIA Beatriz plans to get close enough to Fidel Castro and get her revenge. She doesn’t count on falling in love with an man with his own political ambitions.

When We Left Cuba is a wonderful summer read. Be sure to find a comfy seat poolside or a good sandy spot on the beach while and let the ocean provide the soundtrack.

Necessary People

“The world leaves people broken, but they find a way to put themselves back together again.” ~ Anna Pitoniak, Necessary People.

This book has been sitting on my shelf since May and I wish I had read it sooner. I love the fact that the narrator isn’t very likable. While entertaining this book also made me sit back and think. Normally we view it as a good thing to improve our social and financial standing in society. Is there a point when it starts to have a negative impact on us? Where do we draw the line? Is there ever a point when it’s too late to do the right thing?

Violet grew up in a nowhere town in circumstances she rather no one find out about. College was her chance to start fresh. She see’s her opportunity to move up in status when fate has her rooming with Stella. A wealthy girl who hasn’t a care in the world as she heedlessly spends her families money an parties her way through College.

It seems that things are set to continue in the same vein after College as well. Violet settles into a job working in cable news and Stella floats around from one place to the next. Until Stella decides she wants what Violet has worked so hard to achieve. She lands an internship at the same news outlet as Violet and effortlessly advances from there in unheard of leaps. Violet stands back and watches yet continues on in her traditional role. Until Stella does the unthinkable and muscles her way into a story that Violet has worked tirelessly on.

We all have that relationship that is competitive, at what point do we stop the competition for the sake of the relationship? Or do we forsake the relationship for the sake of our ambitions?

Storm And Fury

Although this novel is a hefty 504 pages and was an entertaining and quick read. I found myself completely absorbed in Trinity’s world. A world of Wardens, Demons and Humans inhabit the world.

Most of the Wardens she lives amongst believe Trinity to be just another Human girl in need of protection. What they don’t realize is she has a secret, a secret, a secret that must be hidden at all costs, until she is called upon along with her Warden Protector Misha.

Then one night Trinity’s world changes forever. She joins forces with Zayne a Warden from another community and leave the compound she has called home for most of her life. In a race to save a friend she discovers there is more to the lore she has been taught and that even the “good guys” can make mistakes while the “bad guys” aren’t always as bad as they’re made out to be.

Beyond The Point

Beyond The Point written by Claire Gibson was my April Book of the Month pick. I joined Book of the Month to try and expand my reading horizons. While I would not normally pick such a novel I decided to give it a go in the spirit of trying something a little different.

Claire Gibson creates a special bond between three West Point graduates in Dani, Avery and Hannah. Three girls who’s only common link is their love of basketball; and their decision to pursue a higher education at the elite military academy at West Point. Dani is an organized girl, driven to succeed. Avery, a perpetual wild child, has an emotionally bankrupt relationship with her parents and is driven by her need to make her own way. Hannah, a traditionalist at heart has grown up admiring her grandfather and his service to the Country and feels compelled to serve in the same manner.

Shared experiences both on and off the basketball court help these three girls forge a bond that seems they will share for the rest of their lives, or will it? Tested by distance and changes or lack thereof in lifestyles it seems that what they once thought was an unbreakable bond is falling apart. Yet when tragedy befalls, these three girls discover the lengths they will go for one another. In so doing they each discover new depths of their own. I end with a favorite quote from Beyond The Point.

“Maybe hope is the only lasting change one human can give to another. And for the first time in my life, I have hope. You gave that to me.” ~ Claire Gibson, Beyond The Point.

May we all find someone to give us hope, or better yet, be the one to give hope to another.