Storm And Fury

Although this novel is a hefty 504 pages and was an entertaining and quick read. I found myself completely absorbed in Trinity’s world. A world of Wardens, Demons and Humans inhabit the world.

Most of the Wardens she lives amongst believe Trinity to be just another Human girl in need of protection. What they don’t realize is she has a secret, a secret, a secret that must be hidden at all costs, until she is called upon along with her Warden Protector Misha.

Then one night Trinity’s world changes forever. She joins forces with Zayne a Warden from another community and leave the compound she has called home for most of her life. In a race to save a friend she discovers there is more to the lore she has been taught and that even the “good guys” can make mistakes while the “bad guys” aren’t always as bad as they’re made out to be.

The Golden Hour

“But it’s the love story of the century, haven’t you heard?” I said. “The King who gave up his throne for the woman he loves.” ~ Beatriz Williams, The Golden Hour.

Lulu finds herself with a plum assignment reporting on the lives of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor while he serves as Governor of the Bahamas. Before long Lulu finds herself entangled in the intrigue and politics that is the center of Island life. Lulu is also drawn to a mysterious gentleman, one she can’t help but fall in love with.

I could not tear myself away from this novel, I read all 462 pages in just two days. I love the setting of the Bahamas, the intrigue of possibility of war time conspiracy from a reported loyal member of the Royal Family. Add in a forbidden love story and a horrific murder and its resulting trial, how could anyone walk away unsatisfied after reading this novel.

A Nearly Normal Family

“It takes all my strength not to run over and throw my arms around her and whisper that Dad is here, that I’m not going to let go of her until this over.” ~ M.T. Edvardsson, A Nearly Normal Family.

A thriller told from three points of view. The father’s, a pastor in the Church of Sweden who struggles with his morals and how far he’s willing to go to protect his family. The daughter, who stands accuse of murdering a prominent citizen. The mother, a defense attorney who must decide to stand with the ethics of her job, or the loyalty towards her family.

An intriguing plot that keeps you riveted with each turn of the page. I found myself constantly changing my mind about the characters motivation with each different view point. A must read if your a fan of thrillers.

Lost And Wanted

A wonderfully written novel of moving forward after the loss of a loved one and the need to feel wanted by those who are still with us.

Helen is a Harvard graduate and a professor of Physics at MIT in Massachusetts. She is not really surprised when her attempt to return her Harvard roommate’s call and doesn’t get an answer. Then Helen receives a call from Charlie’s husband telling her that Charlie had died the day before the missed call.

During the months that follow Charlie’s death Helen finds herself pulled back into Charlie’s circle. She reflects on the friendship they had and their seperate experiences. The choices they ultimately made and the impact those choices had on their lives. She also finds herself questioning everything she knows or thinks she knows about the Universe.

I was hesitant to pick up this novel, it’s been sitting on my shelf since April. I’m now sorry I hadn’t picked it up earlier. The next time I find myself looking at the sky it will be with my former child-like wonder; What do the stars have to tell us? What questions have we not yet found to ask of the Universe?

From Scratch

“Safe to open my heart, to be vulnerable” ~ Tembi Locke, From Scratch

What does it mean for us to open our hearts? To be emotionally vulnerable???

Tembi Locke found the answers to those questions during her College stay in Italy. She literally ran into the man who would help her discover those answers; the man whom she would come to share a life with. The man who would inspire her to open her heart even more as she put pen to paper and shared the most private events of her life.

A touching memoir to her late husband and his passion for his native Sicily that was so much a part of his essence. Tembi Locke invites us to share in her and her daughters grief at the loss of a husband and father. Share in her first stumbling steps as a widow and a single mother.

Tembi also shares the frustration and anger towards the family that initially disowned Saro for his choice of wife, and how those feelings were overcome. I loved her candor with her experience with adopting their daughter. Her honesty in the unexpected mix emotions of first meeting her daughters biological mother, then of finally meeting her daughter for the first time.

There is so much emotion in this Memoir, I cried and my heart ached for Tembi and her daughter. I even laughed at times. This book is so beautifully written and Tembi’s writing style is so fresh and honest. Also be sure to have some Sicilian fare when you sit down this book, I know I was starving by the time I finished reading it. Ciao!!!

Beyond The Point

Beyond The Point written by Claire Gibson was my April Book of the Month pick. I joined Book of the Month to try and expand my reading horizons. While I would not normally pick such a novel I decided to give it a go in the spirit of trying something a little different.

Claire Gibson creates a special bond between three West Point graduates in Dani, Avery and Hannah. Three girls who’s only common link is their love of basketball; and their decision to pursue a higher education at the elite military academy at West Point. Dani is an organized girl, driven to succeed. Avery, a perpetual wild child, has an emotionally bankrupt relationship with her parents and is driven by her need to make her own way. Hannah, a traditionalist at heart has grown up admiring her grandfather and his service to the Country and feels compelled to serve in the same manner.

Shared experiences both on and off the basketball court help these three girls forge a bond that seems they will share for the rest of their lives, or will it? Tested by distance and changes or lack thereof in lifestyles it seems that what they once thought was an unbreakable bond is falling apart. Yet when tragedy befalls, these three girls discover the lengths they will go for one another. In so doing they each discover new depths of their own. I end with a favorite quote from Beyond The Point.

“Maybe hope is the only lasting change one human can give to another. And for the first time in my life, I have hope. You gave that to me.” ~ Claire Gibson, Beyond The Point.

May we all find someone to give us hope, or better yet, be the one to give hope to another.

Magic Hour

I love a novel that gives me another destination to visit on my list of “places t0 see.” Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah does that for me.

“For years to come she knew that the people of Rain Valley you talk about this special time, when a child unlike any other had walked out of the woods and into their lives and changed them all, and how it had begun in mid-October, when the trees were dressed in tangerine leaves and danced in the chilly, rain-scented breeze, and the sun was a brilliant shade of gold that illuminated everything. Magic Hour.” ~ written by Kristin Hannah, Magic Hour

Dr. Julia Cates is left with a career in ruins after a media scandal, uncertain if she can recover her professional reputation. She has lost her self confidence.

Meanwhile a young girl appears in a small town nestled within the Olympic National Forest. Unable to communicate and traumatized the citizens of Rain Valley rally behind her and protect her from the media frenzy and the Police Chief brings in the best child psychologist she knows; her sister Dr. Julia Cates.

Fighting the odds and her own self doubt Julia bonds with the girl she has named Alice and helps Alice take her first steps into society. Julia also strengthens her own bond with her sister, and forges a new one with the Town Casanova.

This is a novel that showcases the need for we have for connection with our fellow humans. Even a child left abandoned in the wilderness is drawn toward human connection.